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Shanghai is a place with a different energy. The streets are packed with people, yet you have space to move. The high-rise buildings are uniquely designed and something quite different to what I’ve seen before. It’s as though the general person on the street is trying their best to make ends meet and that there is a constant flux and fight between the Eastern spiritual well-being and the Westernised consumerism.

I shot the people, the environment and the buildings. I tried some long-exposures, some night shots and wen’t out to get ‘feel’ of the place, and maybe if I was lucky, some great shots that happen when you’re at the right place at the right time.

Travel Photography

Shanghai Hotel WindowJing'an Temple, ShanghaiShanghai Dongtai Street MarketShanghai Dongtai Street MarketOutside Jing'an TempleShanghai Street, ChinaJing'an Temple, ShanghaiShanghai Dongtai Street MarketJing'an Temple, ShanghaiShanghai Street, ChinaChina Trip - 166Shanghai-Chinaz-70Walking the promenade, ShanghaiSkyscraping, ShanghaiSkyscraping, ShanghaiSkyscraping, ShanghaiSkyscraping, ShanghaiSkyscraping, ShanghaiShanghai-Chinaz-86Shanghai-Chinaz-7Shanghai-Chinaz-67Old Town, ShanghaiBo op die Ritz HotelShanghai Street, China
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