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Plastic Pallets – How It’s Made – Video

This is a video produced to showcase the patented technology used in producing large long-glass fibre reinforced plastic products. In this case, the product is a pallet, and the advantages are as follows:

  • Weight reduction, from 33 kg for a wooden pallet to 11 kg for Plastic one, with the same racking an weight-carrying properties. This makes it possible to transport more weight-based product, as you can fill the balance won with the weight reduction of the pallet, to fill it with value, in other words, more product.
  • They nest into each other, reducing the area by 4 when compared to wooden pallets. This means that for every 4 trucks loaded with empty wooden pallets can now be replaced with 1 truck loaded with the same amount of plastic pallets.
  • The pallets can be recycled, and is much more sustainable than wooden pallets that get burned to ash after it cannot be repaired.
  • It doesn’t need to be heat-treated or fumigated when crossing borders because it doesn’t hold bacteria like wood does.


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