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Award Winning Architect Home in Paarl

Every once and a while I am fortunate enough to photograph a masterpiece home. Christof Albertyn is an Architect who’s won numerous awards for the design of his buildings all over the world. He was the first to bring Deconstructive Architecture into South Africa, a style that is “characterized by unpredictability and controlled chaos“.

I was commissioned to photograph his home. A home he designed himself. An artwork the artist lives in. This got me very interested in the space I create for myself to live in. He chose to create a building he wants to live in, just like Picasso put the trestle where he wanted it in his studio. Is your working environment designed?

The deconstructivist approach, to separate every entity from everything else, really inspired my approach to my work.


In the kitchen there are cupboards, but they are very different to what you will find in your kitchen. The doors are slanted and when opening one, your left and right arm move uniquely and independently. It’s not just an action we never think about. It has an effect. You start asking questions. Creative ones. You start noticing things, like the sound the wooden floor makes, the breeze that cools the whole home when the front of the house is opened up.

How can I create a workflow, or flow, that allow these moments of wonder to occur. Moments that I can use to energise a meeting with a client or push the energy into a design? The best part was that we got to stay there a day after. We could live like he and his family does. It’s an inspiring event.

Here are some of the images:


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