Light is a rather unknown company that is bringing a camera that looks very similar to a smartphone. Yet, it differs in one massive way to what we currently have as cameras, and that is that it has 16 cameras and sensors, and merges each sensor’s captured image to create a 52 megapixel image, and allows you to choose the aperture and focus in post. Due it’s size, I am hopeful that the dynamic range, but this will only be analysed when I get one.

This is something very unique for the industry, and not the usual DSLR sensor and lens. It’s a small device that takes large images that can surely be used for printing billboard size prints, and the depth of field can be edited in post. So in a professional space, the designer or creative director can edit and choose the focus and DOF that suits the design the best.

The weird thing is the price. Only $200. I think if you like tech, photography and if you rate yourself an early adopter, this is one to get. Check out their site for more details. 

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