There is a website that allows you to automate simple actions. I use it everyday without actually using it every day. It’s actually such a powerful tool that I don’t think my day would be the same without it.

Just say the girl you like posts a photo on Instagram and you don’t want to miss it yet but don’t want to sit around browsing the app hoping she might post something any time soon. You can set up IFTTT to email you the picture she posted. Now, you know, and you  have the information. What you do with it is up to you.

Secondly, I sometimes use Pocket to store articles I find online so I can read it on a plane or at home. When I’m at home I often also use the Read Later function that’s built in to the iPhone and Mac OS. I now made a recipe to save anything I save to Read it Later, it automatically carries over to Pocket too.

You can automate your tweets to feed through to other networks automatically. If you’re an uber-geek, you can even have your Philips lightbulb fade out and back in when you’ve landed at the airport, letting your family know you’re almost home.

Check it out, here are my recipes I use:

IFTTT Recipe: Save Pocket to Reading List connects pocket to ios-reading-list

IFTTT Recipe: New Year Message connects date-time to twitter

IFTTT Recipe: Watch Later to Pocket connects youtube to pocket

IFTTT Recipe: NASA's image of the day in your inbox connects space to email

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